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Accession R0902
Feature Type Exonic Splicing RegRNA
Class Exon enhancer
Name Exon enhancer
BindingProtein SRp30a, SRp40,SRp55, SRp70
References Ramchatesingh J, Zahler AM, Neugebauer KM, Roth MB, and Cooper TA
A subset of SR proteins activates splicing of the cardiac troponin T alternative exon by direct interactions with an exonic enhancer.
Mol Cell Biol 1995; 15(9), 4898-907   PubMed 

Xu R, Teng J, and Cooper TA
The cardiac troponin T alternative exon contains a novel purine-rich positive splicing element.
Mol Cell Biol 1993; 13(6), 3660-74   PubMed 

Nagel RJ, Lancaster AM, and Zahler AM
Specific binding of an exonic splicing enhancer by the pre-mRNA splicing factor SRp55.
RNA 1998; 4(1), 11-23   PubMed 

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