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Accession R0815
Feature Type Exonic Splicing RegRNA
Class Exon enhancer
Name Exon enhancer
Pattern GGAAG
BindingProtein ASF/SF2
References Dirksen WP, Hampson RK, Sun Q, and Rottman FM
A purine-rich exon sequence enhances alternative splicing of bovine growth hormone pre-mRNA.
J Biol Chem 1994; 269(9), 6431-6   PubMed 

Sun Q, Mayeda A, Hampson RK, Krainer AR, and Rottman FM
General splicing factor SF2/ASF promotes alternative splicing by binding to an exonic splicing enhancer.
Genes Dev 1993; 7(12B), 2598-608   PubMed 

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