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  Release 1.0, Jan 2006

Accession R0245
Feature Type Transcriptional RegRNA
Name CCRN4L (carbon catabolite repression 4-like)
Target Region intron 1
Pattern ctgacctggaactaa.
Species mouse, Mus musculus
References Dupressoir A, Barbot W, Loireau MP, and Heidmann T
Characterization of a mammalian gene related to the yeast CCR4 general transcription factor and revealed by transposon insertion.
J Biol Chem 1999; 274(43), 31068-75   PubMed 

Zhou Y, Zheng JB, Gu X, Li W, and Saunders GF
A novel Pax-6 binding site in rodent B1 repetitive elements: coevolution between developmental regulation and repeated elements?
Gene 2000; 245(2), 319-28   PubMed 

Puech A, Dupressoir A, Loireau MP, Mattei MG, and Heidmann T
Characterization of two age-induced intracisternal A-particle-related transcripts in the mouse liver. Transcriptional read-through into an open reading frame with similarities to the yeast ccr4 transcription factor.
J Biol Chem 1997; 272(9), 5995-6003   PubMed 

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