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  Release 1.0, Jan 2006

Accession R0123
Feature Type Transcriptional RegRNA
Name c-myc
Target Region exon 1
Species human, Homo sapiens
References Imagawa M, Chiu R, and Karin M
Transcription factor AP-2 mediates induction by two different signal-transduction pathways: protein kinase C and cAMP.
Cell 1987; 51(2), 251-60   PubMed 

Moser M, Imhof A, Pscherer A, Bauer R, Amselgruber W, Sinowatz F, Hofstädter F, Schüle R, and Buettner R
Cloning and characterization of a second AP-2 transcription factor: AP-2 beta.
Development 1995; 121(9), 2779-88   PubMed 

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