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Accession R0040
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name Renin stability regulatory element (Ren_SRE)
Regulatory Motif


	ss(minlen=0, maxlen=1)



	ss(minlen=0, maxlen=3)


	ss(minlen=0, maxlen=4)


Description Renin is a highly specific endopeptidase, whose only known function is to generate angiotensin I from angiotensinogen in the plasma, inducing the production of angiotensin II and initiating a cascade of reactions that results in an elevation of blood pressure and increased sodium retention by the kidney. Renin (REN) mRNA stability is modulated by a cis-acting element, about 35 nt long, located in the 3’UTR. This element, that contributes to basal REN mRNA instability, is the target of a number of mRNA binding proteins that destabilize (HADHB) or stabilize (HuR, CP1) REN mRNA regulating rennin production.
HADHB, HuR, and CP1 bind to the distal 3 -untranslated region of human renin mRNA and differentially modulate renin expression.
J Biol Chem 2003; , 44894-903   PubMed 

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