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Accession R0033
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name Upstream Open Reading Frame (uORF)
Regulatory Motif
aug p1=60...9999 ((uaa | uag) | uga) length(p1) mod 3
Description The control of translation is a fundamental mechanism in the regulation of gene expression. Among the cis-elements that play a role in translation regulation are upstream open reading frames (uORFs) located in the 5’UTR of mRNA. UORFs can induce the formation of translational competent ribosomes that may translate the uORF and (i) terminate and reinitiate, (ii) terminate and leave the mRNA, generally resulting in down-regulation of the main open reading frame. In some cases the uORF may enhance translation in specific conditions and the uORF encoded peptide may or may not play a regulatory activity.
Untranslated regions of mRNAs.
Genome Biol 2002; , REVIEWS0004   PubMed 

Control of eukaryotic protein synthesis by upstream open reading frames in the 5 -untranslated region of an mRNA.
Biochem J 2002; , 1-11   PubMed 

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