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Accession R0032
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name alpha-globin 3'UTR C-rich stability determinant (AG-CRSD)
Regulatory Motif


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Description The long half-life of alpha-globin mRNA (>24h in the developing erythroid cells) is mediated by three cytosine-rich regions, possibly folded into a conserved secondary structure, located in its 3'UTR. These C-rich regions, also found in other stable mRNAs, such as alpha(I) collagen, tyrosine hydrosylase and 15-lipoxygenase mRNAs, assemble an RNA -protein complex (alpha-complex). Mutations of any of these C-rich elements block alpha-complex formation and remarkably decrease alpha-globin mRNA stability. Major components of the alpha-complex are two proteins calledalphaCP1 and alphaCP2 (alpha-globin poly(C)-binding proteins) also known as hnRNPE or PCBP, containing three KH domains known to mediate binding to mRNA. Experimental studies suggest that the alpha complex stabilizesalpha-globin mRNA by two mechanisms; inhibition of a deadenylation-dependent 3'exonuclease or protection from endonucleolitic cleavage pathway.
Regulation of alpha-globin mRNA stability.
Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 2003; , 387-95   PubMed 

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