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Accession R0029
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name Beta-actin 3'UTR zipcode (ACTIN_ZIP3)
Regulatory Motif

	ss(seq="^GCGGACTGTTA$", mismatch=2)

	ss(minlen=8, maxlen=14)

	ss(seq="^ACACCCTT$", mismatch=1)

	ss(minlen=3, maxlen=5)


	ss(minlen=0, maxlen=2)

	ss(seq="^CAAAACCTA$", mismatch=1)

	ss(minlen=3, maxlen=4)


Description The localization of beta-actin mRNA to the cell periphery is modulated by an AC-rich "zipcode" element, 54 nt long, located in the mRNA 3'UTR, proximal to the stop codon. This element is highly conserved in all vertebrate beta-actin mRNAs. The polarized distribution of beta-actin mRNA, which implies the asymmetric distribution of its protein product, involves a complex of trans-acting protein factors binding both to the zipcode, such as the 68 kDa ZBP-1 RNA binding protein, and to the actin network.
References Shestakova EA, Singer RH, and Condeelis J
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