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Accession R0028
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name Insulin 3'UTR stability element (INS_SCE)
Regulatory Motif
p1=3...7 p1:(p3=RCC) p2=YCCYRCCCNCC[3,0,0] p2:(p4=NNCNRNNCNNN) 0...3 ((CC|AC)|CT)

0...3 TGSM 1...13 AATAAA
Description Stabilization of insulin mRNA in response to glucose is a key modulator of insulin production. Experimental data suggest that insulin mRNA stability is controlled by the binding of a 55-60 kDa protein to a pyrimidine-rich sequence (PRS) located in the 3’UTR of insulin mRNA. The binding of this protein, probably the polypirimidine tract-binding protein (PTB), is stimulated by reducing agents (e.g. DTT) and glucose. Mutation of the core PSR sequence, present in human and rodent but not all mammal insulin mRNAs, prevents protein binding and results in transcripts destabilization.
References Tillmar L, Carlsson C, and Welsh N
Control of insulin mRNA stability in rat pancreatic islets. Regulatory role of a 3 -untranslated region pyrimidine-rich sequence.
J Biol Chem 2002; 277(2), 1099-106   PubMed 

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