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Accession R0022
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name Proneural Box (PB)
Regulatory Motif


Description The 3'UTR of three proneural genes (achaete, lethal of scute, and atonal) encoding basic Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) transcriptional activators that initiate neurogenesis in Drosophila contain a conserved 13 nt long element, AAUGGAAGACAAU, denoted as the proneural box (PB). The central 7 nt of the PB are exactly complementary to the GY-box (GYB) present in the 3'UTR of many Notch pathway target genes in Drosophila. The predicted duplex interaction, generally more extended than the 7-mer core PB:GYB, might serve to regulate neurogenesis.
References Lai EC, Bodner R, Kavaler J, Freschi G, and Posakony JW
Antagonism of notch signaling activity by members of a novel protein family encoded by the bearded and enhancer of split gene complexes.
Development 2000; 127(2), 291-306   PubMed 

Lai EC, and Posakony JW
Regulation of Drosophila neurogenesis by RNA:RNA duplexes?
Cell 1998; 93(7), 1103-4   PubMed 

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