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Accession R0008
Feature Type RegRNA in 5'-UTR
Name Nanos translation control element (NANOS_TCE)
Regulatory Motif

	wc += gu;


	h5(minlen=4, maxlen=10)

		h5(minlen=6, maxlen=9)



		ss(minlen=0, maxlen=3)

		h5(minlen=10, maxlen=12, mispair=1)

			ss(minlen=7, maxlen=8)


		ss(minlen=0, maxlen=2)


Description The 3'UTR of drosophila nanos mRNA contains the essential signals for generating the nanos gradient emanating from the posterior pole of drosophila embryos. The polarized distribution of nanos is generated by the localization dependent translation of nanos mRNA in the pole plasm. The translation control element (TCE) consist of a 90-nt region located in the 3'UTR of nanos mRNA which is able to fold into a bipartite secondary structure that is recognized by Smaug repressor and at least one additional factor. A stem-loop bearing the CUGGC penramer in the loop is required for Smaug TCE unteractionn whereas both sequences and structure of another stem-loop is critical for TCE function.The translation activation is mediated by the interaction of localization factors with a 540-nt sequence regions overlapping the TCE structural motif.
References Crucs S, Chatterjee S, and Gavis ER
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Gavis ER, Lunsford L, Bergsten SE, and Lehmann R
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