A Regulatory RNA Motifs and Elements Finder
  Release 1.0, Jan 2006

First, Welcome to RegRNA. Here, A step-by-step introduction to RegRNA website,
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There are three steps in prediction function. Step 1: Select or Input Sequence, Step 2: Select Sequence Type, and Step 3: Select Regulatory RNA Motifs. When you wants to use prediction function, you must confirm that these steps have be finished.
In the step 1, users can submit a sequence by just inputting the accession number for retrieving mRNA sequence from RefSeq database, inputting a single sequence in FASTA format, or uploading a sequence file.
In the step 2, users select the sequence type-pre-mRNA or mature mRNA.
In step 3, users must decide which types of regulatory RNA motifs to be investigated by just clicking the checkbox.
Upon submission to the website, the input sequence is then analyzed and the prediction results are presented via both textual interface and graphical interface. In , you can look the name of motifs. The locations of motifs will be shown in . And you can click motif or book to show the detail information, such as in , and in . If the detected homologs are regulatory RNA structural motifs, the RNA secondary structure of the detected homologs are generated, such as in

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